Provideo Inc.

Because technology continues to advance at a very fast pace, it has allowed people start businsses and provide services that were once left only to the qualified professonals.  We have a generation of people who never used a rotary dial phone.  We have cell phones that shoot HD Video and software/apps that can do just about anything you can imagine.  However, there are  still tasks that are better left to those who have the proper training, experience and expertise.

At ProVideo, we were in the video industry long before the days of handheld consumer cameras and computer editing software programs.  With decades of award winning broadcast television experience, we at ProVideo believe the state of the art equipment and tools that we use are secondary to the knowledge and competencies gained from the thousands of projects that we have had the pleasure of completing.  While we understand that quality, experience, excellence and a proven track record may not be the deciding factors for all potential clients, our number one objective is to deliver outstanding value and expertise at an exceptional price.



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